Race to the Finish: Marvel vs. DC Cinematic Universes

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The Race To Film

While Marvel and DC have always been engaged in the war for top spot in the comic book world, Marvel has habitually pulled ahead in the film world with their near perfect translations from print to the silver screen. Weathering the storm of the writer's strike in Hollywood, it wouldn't be until 2013 that DC could really put itself on the competitor stand with Man of Steel.


Keep in mind, that when Man of Steel was released, no one really expected it to lead the charge into the next era of comic book teams on film (akin to The Avengers). For many, it was just another Super Man movie. DC shifted public perspective in 2013 at the San Diego Comic-Con, where they announced not only that Batman vs. Superman was going to the big screen, but that they intended to follow in Marvel's footsteps and build their own cinematic universe with The Justice League.

Can They Pull It Off?

superman batman cover art Marvel has been killing it in the Movie World as of late. Starting in 2008 with Iron Man, and now in 2016 bringing The Civil War Story-Arc to the big screen and eventually The Infinity War later in 2018 & 2019, it would appear their train has no brakes.

Just as the entirety of the Marvel cinematic universe was riding on Iron Man, the DC universe is riding on Superman and Batman. With DC trailing behind in the industry, it might actually work in their favor to start off with two heroes rather than one.

The best case scenario is one where reception is high and DC gets the success they need to continue in this highly competitive space. Even if you aren't a DC fan, their success and future competition could only spell out better and better films as the two giants employ greater attempts at trumping one another. If things go sideways, however, DC may end up down and out of the race, brushing off the dust being kicked up by Marvel. Only time and the fan-base can truly decide the fate of DC.

Cause For Concern

One of the widely held criticisms viewers hold is of DC's marketing tactics. Fans aren't too keen on just how much plot the trailers for Batman Vs Superman bleed out. More enthusiasts within the comic world have scolded DC for revealing the entirety of the plot in the second major trailer released on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. One user had this to say:

I'm not gonna watch the new #BatmanvSuperman trailer. I regretted watching the last one. Trailers nowadays ruin movies.

If you missed the trailer on the Jimmy Kimmel show, here it is (but remember, spoilers ahead!):


Looking Ahead

We may very well see the initial formation of the holy trinity - Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. With the foundation of The Justice League being laid out, DC might have what it takes to propel themselves forward alongside Marvel's own big hits. Will DC fly into the future with a strong role in film adapatation, or will the big screen prove to be their kryptonite?