Free game idea #01 and 02 - Psychotic Luigi & Luigi's Revenge

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I studied game design in college. As a form of thought experiment (but not a class assignment), I came up with a lot of story premises for different games I really wanted to see. Some of them involved Nintendo characters and some didn't. And since I'll probably never get to make any games of my own (life can really suck sometimes), I'll just give these ideas away for free. It is my hope that someone out there likes these ideas and runs with them.

Today, we'll discuss the 2 ideas I had for Luigi. They were rather radical at the time but now, maybe not so much. However, they should still be fun.

Anyway, since Luigi didn't get as much love as he should have, I decided to come up with a unique game for him. However, I wasn't going to make him the player character. That would have been too easy. He also had a game where he was the hero on the then-current Nintendo console, the GameCube, in the form of Luigi's Mansion.

So, what could I do that would be different? The answer was actually easier than one might think: Make him a villain.

No, that isn't such an unprecedented idea. Mario himself was the villain in Donkey Kong Jr. (From DK Junior's perspective, anyway...) and then, there's Luigi's Death Stare from Mario Kart 8. It's pretty clear that Luigi has some serious issues.

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So, based on that idea, I developed 2 story premises for games with Luigi as the villain called Psychotic Luigi and Luigi's Revenge. Obviously, those are both working titles.

The Basic Premise for Psychotic Luigi

After many years of being “Mario’s Eternal Understudy”, Luigi finally snaps. He launches a coup d'etat against Princess Peach with the help of Bowser & the Koopas. Now, in addition to having to fight Bowser yet again, Mario also has to fight his own brother. The mere thought breaks Mario's heart.

However, all is not as it seems. The Mushroom Kingdom’s Intelligence Service discovered that Luigi is really under mind control. He’s being manipulated by a mad scientist named Dr. Esac Latnem Ereves. ('Esac Latnem Ereves' being 'Severe Mental Case' spelled backwards.) Dr. Ereves is the arch-rival of Professor E.Gadd, a friend to the Mario Brothers. When Professor Gadd heard about Luigi flippin’ out, he immediately went to Mario and the Princess to offer his help. He will be instrumental in their effort to save Luigi, save the kingdom, and stop Dr. Ereves’s latest scheme. No one said being a Plumber would be easy...

Sound good? Well, the sequel is even better...

The Basic Premise for Luigi's Revenge

After Mario and Professor Gadd saved Luigi from the evil Dr. Ereves, Luigi was obviously going to need a LOT of therapy. He even spent some time in an institution but, it still wasn’t enough. He had an unquenchable thirst for revenge!


Despite the best efforts of Mario and the rest of the gang, Luigi still managed to escape from the asylum. He stole a few experimental weapons from Professor Gadd’s laboratory, and set off to find Dr. Ereves. He intends to whack that punk like someone who disrespected the Mafia. Dr. Ereves is in some serious trouble!

Now, the race is on! Mario must stop Luigi and take him back to the Mental Hospital before he finds Dr. Ereves. If Luigi gets to him first, he'll destroy the mad scientist once and for all!

I really would love to see these games made. I really would. However, I doubt Nintendo would want to make one of their principal characters into such a monstrous villain. He would be temporarily insane of course but, the young kids that love Mario games probably wouldn't understand. They'd just see Luigi turning bad and hurting people. That would upset them. However, Nintendo could make these T-rated or M-rated games so kids won't be the primary demographic. Would that help?

And if any of you think that these ideas for games in the Mario universe push the edge, just wait until you read my next 'free game idea' article. That one will feature an idea for a game with the working title Super Mario Mobster.