How Hungry Are You For The Odin Sphere Remake?

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The enormous magical world of Erion houses an artifact of absolute power, The Cauldron. Once in the hands of the Valentine royal family now falls in a middle of a clashing war between neighboring kingdoms. The game Odin Sphere made its debut in the U.S. for the Playstation 2 on May 22, 2007 and had brought back the opera theme/fairy tale crossover in which Vanillaware is very much known best for. The main plot of the game follows five playable characters that each tell different parts of the main story.

Look And Feel

screenshot Between the mythical theme, vibrant colors, and smooth animations, the world truly comes alive. It's easy to get lost in the magical journey that unfolds before you from the fantasy story-book world.

The core gameplay feels like a cross between side scrolling action and RPG. Each area of the map reveals a web of different levels. In order to clear them you have to defeat an onslaught of enemy waves. The very fluid combat mechanics are complimented quite nicely by its simple controls.

Through The Pages

Storybook World

The game's journey takes the player through the chapters of a story book, taking many queues from Norse mythology. Each of the five characters travel along their own story path that intertwines with one another. Along the way, the player will be able to experience combat, story, and of course crafting!

Alchemy & Food

Alchemy is the process in which you merge raw items that'll transform into a processed one. As a hypothetical situation, say you defeat a group of enemies and you snag some lemons. Got a empty bottle? Cool. With just a spoonful of sugar and some water you can brew your very own deliciousness that you can carry with you in case you need it - and you will.


Food in video games have typically been in the position of health recovery. Everything from Tales of Destiny to Castlevania rely on a good round of grub to heal those nasty gashes in your skull. The case with Odin Sphere isn't too exotically different, offering both hit points and experience boosts. Of course, you could try beating the game without the entrees you make and come across, but where else is your character going to get their strength from?

As explained on the official site:

"Food," which you can obtain during your journey, is essential for leveling up characters. You can eat them just as they are, or give them to Maury's Touring Restaurant to cook and gain even more EXP points. Dine at three different kitchens located throughout Erion.


Throughout the game you'll stumble upon recipes that you can turn in at restaurants to unlock various dishes and cuisines. As you might expect, all recipes require the ingredients - and a bit of spare change of course. I definitely wouldn't recommend playing this game on an empty stomach.

Official Trailer

Odin Sphere Trailer

Overall, Odin Sphere is quite the gem on PS2. Now it makes its delicious return for PS3, PS4, and PSVita. Save room for desert, however, as it's bringing with it all new features, extended story, and a refined combat experience.

As is normally the case with Atlas, you can double up with the PS4 special edition for an extra $20.00, which provides some tasty extras:

  • Collector's Metal Slipcase
  • Art Print
  • Potion Recipe T-shirt
  • Hardcover version of the 64-page Art Book
  • Premium Outer Box

Already released in Japan, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir will be available for consumption in America June of this year (2016).