Mobile JRPG Granblue Fantasy Gets An International Release

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In March of 2014, Cygames of Japan sculpted Granblue Fantasy - a beautifully voice acted turn-based JRPG for both Android and iOS. If you've played the native game in all of it's glory, you my be excited to hear that the game will be receiving an English release! Before we kick off, let's get some music in here.


That song was carefully crafted by the audio legend Nobuo Uematsu of Square Enix!

What's it like?

combat Many would mention that the game is reminiscent of older Final Fantasy titles. This is an obvious first assumption to make with Hideo Minaba (Final Fantasy; Bravely Default) and composer Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) being on board. However, Granblue Fantasy does set itself apart in a variety of ways.

The game has strong ties to the universally accepted JRPG formula - interesting characters and turn based combat. To it's strength it also employees a summoning system that almost reflects playing cards. The main objective is primarily to defeat your enemies with the help of these summons, and even other players who happen to be fighting the same battle! That's right, the game supports multiple players and even boasts a co-op mode for up to four friends!

minigame Your main character and your group of recruited allies will utilize the strengths of the job class to further your experience and overall power. Every job class has it's own skill set, leading to a very dynamic strategy aspect.

Aside from the main story line and game progression, there are also a selection of mini games to grab your attention. The mini games are enjoyable and rewarding, and about the only time you are reminded you are on a mobile platform while playing. As an example, Bing and Poker mini games reward you with items you'd not have otherwise.

Character Designs

Hideo Minaba of Square Enix has done a fantastic job of character art for Granblue. It should come as no surprise considering his resume, having worked on Final Fantasy XIV, IX, and XII. Here are a few of the character designs to feast your eyes upon:


The Mobile Stigma Of Pay To Win

cash shop Being a mobile game, it's easy to scoff at it before giving it a chance. Let's be honest, the mobile gaming market is pretty terrible right now.

Granblue avoids some of the larger money grabs by allowing non payers to still stay competitive, although a little cash will net you higher drop rates and advantages via the Mobacoins cash currency. The game is by no means pay to win, and is surprisingly quite generous in it's drop rates without stone walling you at a pay gate.

Game Play Footage

The video below is footage of Granblue Fantasy's game play as well as the current Rose Queen event happening at the time of this article's publish date.


Release Date And Considerations

Granblue Fantasy's English release is slated for April 11th 2016, however the servers will still be hosted in Japan. If you are a fan of JRPGs and are looking for something to play while on the go, I highly recommend giving this one a shot. I'll see you there!