Guile Is Coming To Street Fighter V - And More!

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Today on Capcom's official Facebook page, The American Hero Guile was introduced to be the next DLC fighter to be in Street Fighter V. Although after a couple hours Capcom deleted the blog on their website explaining the updates but kept the screenshots of Guile on Facebook. It is unknown why Capcom took their blogs down but here is what Capcom posted on Guile along with other updates before the deletion.

As with anything Guile related, it's recommended to listen to the Super Street Fighter 2 Guile theme while you browse the coverage below!

guile theme


Guile will be available for free later this month to all players until the Zenny shop launches and will receive his own set of Trials and Character Story. His Battle Costume will be available for free to all Season Pass holders as well.

In Street Fighter V, Guile retains his ability to dominate both the ground and air with his solid normal attacks and special moves, such as Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick. He also now has the ability to enter a crouch walk state called Faultless Move which allows him to keep his charge while moving forward, giving him even more options in his kit to keep his opponents in line. Guile is a great choice for those of you who are looking for a charge character who can easily control the pace of the match.

V-Skill: Sonic Blade


Guile spins up sonic energy to create a Sonic Blade which acts as a stationary projectile that can also juice up his Sonic Booms. Sonic Blade can really help Guile pressure opponents on their wake-up or help him win projectile battles as it increases Sonic Boom durability!

V-Trigger: Solid Puncher

Guile powers up and tosses out continuous Sonic Booms! Each button throws a Sonic Boom at a different speed, so mixing up between buttons can create interesting Sonic Boom sequences. Depending on the sequence used, this can act as a great combo extender, be used to overwhelm opponents or easily push his opponents to the corner.

Critical Art: Sonic Hurricane

critical art

Guile’s most devastating attack, the Sonic Hurricane! Guile powers up and hits his opponent with a massive, multi-hit Sonic Boom. This Critical Art receives a damage and range boost while his V-Trigger is active.



air force stage

We’re also excited to announce our first DLC stage, which is a classic that you all know and love: Guile’s Air Force Base! The jet receives a new coat of paint and you’ll probably recognize some familiar faces cheering you on in the background. This stage will be available in the Shop for 70,000FM. Season Pass holders will receive this stage for free as a thank you for supporting Street Fighter V.


rage quitting

We’re also happy to announce that we will be implementing a system to punish players who frequently disconnect during matches (aka rage quitters). The way this will work is the system will identify players who have high disconnect rates during matches and will lock them out of matchmaking for a period of time. Players who have been identified as abusing the system will receive an in-game message notifying them they have been locked out of matchmaking. More additions and enhancements to this system will be implemented in the future.


We will also be making a number of improvements to Street Fighter V’s matchmaking. Many users should have an easier time creating and connecting to Battle Lounges and we are also loosening the restrictions on finding an opponent. We know users in Europe and other parts of the world have experienced some issues finding opponents and this should help increase the amount of battles coming their way.

With Nash filling the role I'd have wanted from Guile, I wasn't too enthralled with the idea of his return. Having said that, it'll be interesting to see how his new tools can further differentiate him from his old comrade gone Frankenstein. Being able to hold your charges while moving forward might be just the push our flat-top man of the hour needs to change up his game!

It's very refreshing that Capcom is taking an active stance on improving the game's overall experience online with ongoing support against rage quitters. This change, along with others, paints a promising picture for the future of SFV. It might just be around to keep the title of largest competitive fighting game going forward!

Below you will find some screenshots of Guile, as released by Capcom:

guile guile guile guile guile guile guile guile guile guile guile guile guile


This little gem was found around Youtube, which shows Guile's Sonic Hurricane in action! youtube

Here is a taste of the Guile's new theme in SFV that was posted on Youtube earlier this morning.


The Official Guile trailer is out! youtube