Supergiant Games Announces Pyre!

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Supergiant Games, the studio behind the beautiful masterpieces Bastion and Transistor, has today announced their third game to the world: Pyre.


What is it?

Here is the short synapse taken from their official announcement page:

Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory.

In Supergiant's previous games we've assumed the role of the lone hero. Things appear to be different this time around. There is an ancient competition held within the vast purgatory that you and your band of exiles will travel through.

One of Supergiant's own comments align perfectly with our own opinions:

Pyre once again showcases our team's commitment to rich atmospheric presentation and storytelling, along with a distinctive gameplay blend that combines expressive decision-making on the world map with fast, action-packed confrontations against rival groups of exiles whose own freedom is at stake. We want to create a large cast of characters you can grow close to as you travel together across a strange and wondrous land.

I can't help but to agree based on the screenshots provided (Hey, we posted them down below, too!). Through their previous games, Supergiant has proven that not only are they capable of telling a meaningful story but also one that you can't help but to care about.

The Story


The Story So Far: At the beginning of the game, your luck has almost run out when several masked wanderers find you and revive you from the brink. With your help, they seek to learn the truth about the Rites, a secretive competition through which the worthiest exiles can return home, absolved of their transgressions. As you journey across the Downside in the wanderers' custom blackwagon, you'll meet a variety of characters of all shapes and sizes, and learn what's in store for each of them should they prevail in the Rites. Your actions will determine who returns to glory, and who remains in exile to the end of their days.

This excerpt leads to so many thoughts rushing through my head! I recall in my time of playing Transistor moments that had me questioning right and wrong, and now it would seem that everyone wants to get out - but that not everyone will. If I'm reading this correctly, that is one hell of a hard choice to make.

First Impressions

Supergiant has always been one of my favorite studios. I don't even feel like calling them a studio is quite enough credit. Their masterful blend of smooth animations, incredible music, and unreal artwork coalesce into not just a game, but rather an unforgettable journey of excitement and wonder. I honestly cannot wait to lose myself in their next beautiful work!

Official Trailer


Platforms and Availability

Pyre lands home in 2017. Just like was the case with Transistor you can expect a simultaneous Steam and PS4 release. They will also be attending PAX East this week along with a playable version Pyre. They'll be at booth #8212, so be sure to check them out!

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That's it for today's coverage of Pyre, but check back for more here on the official Fortis Core website!