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Civil War in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Dividing the Entirety of the Marvel-verse in two, Marvel: Civil War was a challenge in itself to translate to the pages of Comic Universe, but to bring one of the Greatest Cross-Over Battles to the Cinematic Universe was insane to think about...Not Surprisingly THEY PULLED IT OFF

Disclaimer: Minor Spoilers in the Main Body. NO MAJOR SPOILERS.

Captain America: Civil War translates one of the largest and emotional Comic-Book Fights in Marvel's Library to the Big-Screen as perfect as can be imagined. Sticking to the Main Plot of being the direct sequal to Captain America: Winter Soldier and the "Spiritual Sequal" to Avengers: Age of Ultron... Civil War gives Captain America himself the main spotlight and story, but also gives enough screen time (and introductions) to the many other characters that appear in this emotional beginning to Marvel's "Phase Three" of the Cinematic Universe.

Plot Synopsis (Minor Spoilers)

We are first given some backstory into Bucky Barnes' transformation into becoming the assassin known as "The Winter Soldier". wntrsdr Being brainwashed and tortured by Hydra, then left in a cryogenic tube somewhere in Russia and only "awoken" when he is needed for a mission. We then cut to the present, where Cap. and the New Avengers (Black Widow, Falcon, & Scarlet Witch) are on a mission tracking the Hydra Soldier CrossBones (aka Cap's old friend, turn enemy Brock from Captain America: Winter Soldier) crsbn and a small task force to Lagos, where he attempts to steal a biological weapon. The New Avengers subdue the task force and Cap. faces off against CrossBones one-on-one. Cap. proves to be the better fighter until CrossBones reveals he is fitted with a suicide bomb. Scarlet Witch tries her best to manipulate the blast force away from civilians, but inadvertently throws the blast to a nearby building, killing some humanitarian workers who are inside the building.

We then go to M.I.T., where Tony Stark is giving a presentation to students during an Alumni Symposium. Stark's bravado and ego shine brightly, that is until the teleprompter scripts Tony to introduce Pepper. (It is later revealed that he and her are on a "break"). Tony walks away from the stage and meets a lone woman in the basement. As he approaches her, she reaches into her purse and pulls a photograph of her son and throws it at Tony. Her son was killed in Skovia during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. ultrn At this Tony starts feeling regret as he blames himself for Ultron's creation.

At the New Avengers' headquarters, Cap is watching a news bulletin about the team's encounter with CrossBones. He goes to Scarlet Witches room and explains that she shouldn't blame herself for the explosion. She feels better but still feels guilt. Vision enters the room and states that Thaddeus "ThunderBolt" Ross has arrived with Tony. Ross {This is the First time Ross has been included in the M.C.U. since The Hulk in 2008} General Ross has been appointed U.S. Secretary of State in the interim and informs the Avengers that the United Nations is preparing to pass the Sokovia Accords, a document which will establish an international governing body to oversee and control the Avengers. The team becomes divided: Stark supports oversight, while Cap is distrustful of governmental agendas after dealing with Hydra's hidden infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. during Winter Soldier and prefers the Avengers to remain free to act on their own.

With Cap and Tony at odds with each other, we start to see the formation of Team Cap and Team Iron. Each member having their own opinions and arguements about the Accords. Our heroes only have a few hours to decide where they stand before a United Nations Conference in Vienna, where the proposial is to be ratified. Whomever signs the document will under the control and watch of the U.N. and those who don't sign are to turn in their "Two Week Notice". During the deliberations between the teams, the villian of the movie is revealed to be the M.C.U.'s interpretation of the infamous Baron Zemo.


Zemo has been tracking down the brainwashing, trigger words to turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier. He comes across an old Hydra operative and finds the "Instruction Manual" hidden in the operative's home. He takes the Manual and moves on to his next destination... Finding Bucky.

At the conference in Vienna, Black Widow meets with Prince T'Challa of Wakanda and his father: King T'Chaka. they explain that in the building that was destroyed during the encounter with CrossBones, many Wakandan volunteers were killed. Widow apologizes for the disaster and claims that the Accords are meant to prevent such atrocities from happening in the future. During the Conference, a bomb kills King T'Chaka. T'Challa survives and vows to kill the bomber, whom security footage indicates is Bucky Barnes acting as his Winter Soldier persona. The Security Footage is released to the public causing a man-hunt for Bucky. With help from Sharon Carter (Agent 13), Cap. and Falcon track Bucky to his hideout in Bucharest and attempt to protect him from German commandos. Bucky holds his own against the commandos, but is attacked by the newest addition to the M.C.U., The Black Panther. pnthr Panther and Bucky fight, matching each other in prowess and strength. Bucky retreats to the streets of Bucharest, but Black Panther is on his tail. Cap. and Falcon give chase to Bucky and Panther. Trying to stop the fighting and and talk to Bucky to see if he was involved in the bombing. After a grueling chase, War Machine and the Entire German Police surround Cap, Falcon, Bucky, and Panther. All are forced to give up and be taken into custody. At this moment, Panther removes his mask, revealing his identity to be Prince (now King) T'Challa. Each are captured and taken to a facility to be processed.

At the facility, Tony sits Cap down and practically begs him to sign the Accords. Trying to prevent more people from being killed and major incidents from happening. Cap still refuses. During Bucky's interrogation Zemo has infiltrated the facility and uses Hydra's trigger words to activate Bucky's brainwashing and "waking up" the Winter Soldier persona. He questions Bucky about a certain mission, and then sends him on a rampage during which Stark, Widow, and T'Challa try their best to stop him. Each are foiled in their attempt and Bucky escapes. During the scuffle, Cap and Falcon are able to escape the Facility themselves and take off after Bucky, who has hijacked a helicopter. Cap is able to stop Bucky by crashing the helicopter and sneaks him away. After the fight, Ross give Tony 36 hrs. to bring Cap, Bucky, and Falcon in or he will send a small army after them. Tony agrees. Rhodey/War Machine asks Tony how are they going to go up against Cap, Falcon, AND Bucky when Bucky himself took out everyone else. Tony states that he knows of someone who can lend a hand and takes off.

When Bucky regains his senses, he explains that Zemo is responsible for the bombing, and is heading to the Siberian facility where he was held, to unfreeze other Winter Soldiers that Bucky helped create and train. Cap and Falcon weigh their options and decide to ask those who didn't sign the Accords to help them in this mission, but that they are a tad outnumbered. Falcon mentions that he "Knows a Guy" and takes off himself.

Tony has made his way to Queens, New York and has come to recruit a young man...Peter Parker. Tony proves that Peter is indeed "Spider-Man" spd and asks Peter "Why do you put yourself on the line?" to which Peter replies, "To help the Little Guy and do the right thing." Meanwhile, back at the Avengers base, The Vision has been keeping Scarlet Witch under "lock and key" by order of Tony to "Prevent another catastrophe". Scarlet Witch reluctantly abides by these rules...that is until Hawkeye shows up at the base, being "Pulled out of retirement by Cap". In his attempt to get Scarlet Witch out of the base and join Cap in the mission to Siberia to stop Zemo. Vision appears and stops Hawkeye, getting into a small fight with him. He tell Hawkeye "You cannot beat me" to which Hawkeyes replies "No, but she can" motioning to Scarlet Witch. Using her powers Scarlet Witch manipulates the Mind Gem Infinity Stone embedded in Vision's head and subdues him enough for Hawkeye to escape. They meet up with Cap at an airport apparently picking up Ant-Man along the way. Ant-Man is ecstatic to meet Captain America and pledges his allegiance to Team Cap...but before they can move on to the mission at hand, Tony Stark, donned in an Iron Man suit, calls out Captain America.

Cap meets Iron Man on the tarmac and tries to explain the situation to him. Iron Man responds by telling Cap that Ross has only given him 36 hrs to bring Cap in, or there will be more dire consequences. Cap stands his ground against Iron Man and is joined by his team: Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Bucky and Hawkeye. cap Iron Man regrets that they have to make this way and is joined by his own team: War Machine, The Vision, Black Widow, The Black Panther, and Spider Man. iron What ensues is one of the most intense, amazing, and flat out AWESOME CrossOver Fights in Cinema History. Each team showing their might and prowess against the opposing faction. Using their Powers and Abilities against each other. During the heat of the battle, Cap and Bucky speak about Zemo and that they need to get to Siberia as soon as they can before he releases the other dormant Winter Soldiers. Ant-Man responds to them on his comlink that he can create a distraction, but it will only be for a short while. Using his suit, he reverses the power and grows to an immense size, becoming Giant-Man. With his new size, he is able to hold off Iron Man and War-Machine, thus allowing Cap and Bucky to get to a jet and fly after Zemo. Cap regrets that they will be left to fend for themselves but Hawkeye states that "For you to succeed, some of us will have to lose." Cap agrees and runs towards the jet.

war2 In the hanger, Black Widow is waiting for him and Bucky. Cap pleads to her to let him and Bucky go. She allows them to pass, but she is caught by Black Panther. Cap and Bucky start up the jet and attempt to take off. During their escape, War-Machine and Iron Man have disabled Giant-Man enough to force him to shrink to normal size. They notice Cap and Bucky in the jet and fly towards them. Falcon attempts to intercept them. Iron Man calls to Vision to stop Falcon. Vision uses his power of the Mind Gem and unleashes a beam of energy towards Falcon. Falcon dodges out of the way, but the beam hits War-Machine, disabling his suit and he begins to free fall towards the ground. War-Machine crashes into the earth and is knocked unconscious. Iron Man rips the face plate off of the suit and stares at Rhodey, concerned about his friend's well being.

As Cap and Bucky make their way to Siberia, the remaining members of Team Cap are apprehended and sent to an ocean prison facility known as "The Raft". Tony, out of the Iron Man suit, confronts Black Widow about turning on her team, and belittles her by say "You couldn't shake the double agent act could you?". Before running away, Widow tells Tony that Zemo framed Bucky in the bombing at the Conference. Tony investigates into this information and finds that she wasn't lying. Tony dons another Iron Man suit and heads to Siberia himself, followed closely by Black Panther in a stealth fighter. Iron Man finds finds Cap and Bucky and signals a truce with them saying that he might have been wrong in his judgement. Cap and Bucky agree, and the three of them search the Siberian Compound together. The make their way to the cryogenic holding cells of the other Winter Soldiers, only to find out that Zemo has killed every last one of them. He reveals his plan to tear apart the Avengers from the inside and plays a CCTV video from the night of the mission he asked Bucky about back at the facility when he was detained. On the Video it shows that it was Bucky, under the persona of the Winter Soldier, who killed Tony's parents all those yrs ago. Tony, consumed by rage, attacks Bucky only to be stopped by Cap. Zemo escapes in the ensuing fight.

Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man get into a fight in the Compound. Iron Man shooting to kill Bucky to get revenge on him murdering his parents. Cap defends Bucky much to the heartbreak of Iron Man. During the fight, Iron Man blasts off Bucky's metallic arm. Cap, coming to Bucky's defense, holds off Iron Man. fight Resulting in one of the most Famous Scenes from the Civil War Comic being transposed brought to life in the Cinematic Universe. fight2 As the Battle between Captain America and Iron Man continues, Black Panther has followed Zemo outside the Compound...Zemo admits to framing Bucky and reveals his plan that if one person takes out the Avengers, the Team can reform in time, but should they take each other apart, they will destroy themselves to oblivion. Black Panther understands that being consumed by rage and vengeance is no way to live and vows to not fight the Avengers. Zemo then pulls a gun on himself and attempts to commit suicide. Panther stops him, and states that "The Law is not done with you yet". Cap gets the upper hand on Iron Man and disables his suit. Tony, beaten and battered by his former friend lies on the ground. Cap helps Bucky to his feet and starts to leave when Tony shouts "you don't deserve that Shield!" Cap in turn drops his signature shield on the ground and continues to walk away from Tony.

In the aftermath, we return to the Avenger's Base...hauntingly empty. Tony provides a prototype set of legs braces. After his fall during the Airport Battle, Rhodey is now paralyzed. While helping Rhodey walk again, Tony receives a letter from Cap. In the letter, Cap apologizes for the fighting and claims that he is going to try and cure Bucky of his brainwashing, but should Tony ever need him again, he will be there. As Tony reads the letter, Cap makes his way to "The Raft" and breaks out his compatriots. Retreating all of them to Wakanda, where T'Challa has granted them Asylum. Cap and T'Challa talk about what should happen if people come looking for them. T'Challa just utters the phrase "Let them try"...

Initial Thoughts

Marvel: Civil War is one of my favorite story arcs in comics. I have always been a "Sucker" for Cross-Over Movies, Television Shows, & Books/Comics, and Civil War was practically tailor made for me to love it! I never though in a million yrs I would be able to see one of the biggest, exciting, and story changing cross-over battles I have ever read in Cinema, but Marvel Studios NAILED IT! Sure, MARVEL: Civil War is now re-branded CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War, but I am actually okay with that. Marvel Studios has just come off of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we already have our "Entourage Movie" time to focus on our Singlet Movies for Character development and story advancement. Captain America was due for his next round.

This movie, even though it has soo many other characters involved, IS Cap's movie. but Marvel has got the formula down to add other characters into their singlet films. T'Challa/Black Panther got a perfect introduction. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Sure he's getting his own movie soon, but now we can have that movie be more about "Development" rather than "Introduction". We already got it!

The Fight Scenes were exactly as how I saw them in the Comics. Not as many Characters, mind you...but just enough to make the teams perfectly sized. Not too many, not too few. Anymore Characters would have made things WAY too cluttered. Even the quick introduction of SpiderMan and his role in the initial battle was perfectly done..and this is BY FAR the BEST SpiderMan interpretation I have ever seen. He's fun, he's quick-witted, he's actually a KID, and he's finally Home where he belongs.... It even shows in the new Title of his movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. sphc