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"Logan" The Final Installment

Hugh Jackman delivers another amazing performance. After seventeen years and a total of nine movies, we have seen him play one of our favorite anti-heroes in the X-Men universe. In previous films, we followed Wolverine in different stages of his life. This time, Jackman plays Logan in his later years, as we see an older, pepper haired Wolverine. Logan struggles with what he wants to do versus what he feels he should do throughout the movie. As usual, he tries to continue his life without adding any unnecessary drama, but fate has other plans. Logan meets Laura, also known as Mutant 23-x, and it sets him on yet another reluctant direction in life.

“Logan” is a true standalone film; the movie requires absolutely no knowledge or familiarity of the previous films to enjoy it. The film plays with your emotions in many ways. The violence and sarcastic banter between Logan and the professor add a comedic twist to the film. Logan has also aged, and that fact is evident through his inability to regenerate quickly.


For me, personally, the film was as good as I could have hoped. Hugh Jackman delivers another well played performance. The past movies of the Wolverine trilogy have all been action packed and bloody, and “Logan” is no different. If you have seen the previous Wolverine movies, I highly recommend that you go see this one too. You will not be disappointed. Plus, they also gave us a few Easter Eggs; see if you can spot them all.