Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Posted by Kailanimaywood |


With its comedic banter, action-packed scenes, and quirky older music, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 repeats what the audience loved from the first installment. The film starts off with silly opening credits featuring baby Groot over a fight scene in the background. That similar comedic relief remains throughout the movie. We all know I'm a sucker for clever and witty conversations, and we get that again in Volume 2. It is spiced with the clever banter between many of the main characters, mostly with Rocket, and old pop culture references. I couldn't help but laugh through much of the film. It also features an adorable baby Groot who often stole the show, and who can still only say "I am Groot."

With the goofiness aside, the movie doesn't really advance the storyline of the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Because of the lack of advancement, some moviegoers (may) believe the film to be a filler, or referred to it as a bloated sequel. I am not one of those. I love character development and back stories, which Volume 2 delivers. It expands and builds on the relationship of the dysfunctional family like team. Adding to that, we meet new characters like Mantis and Ayesha. (Actress Elizabeth Debicki plays Ayesha well. Almost to the point of a loves to hate sort of character.) We discover sides of others we didn't know existed, like Yondu having a family side. At the center of the movie is the relationship of Peter and his father Ego. Their relationship creates the main conflict of the movie where once again they have to try and save the galaxy.


I am not going to lie, the main reason I wanted to see this movie on opening night was because of baby Groot, whom right off the bat stole my heart. However, I did want to see the movie and am glad I did. The CGI match what I was expecting, the past helped connect the present, and I just like the movie overall. I liked it quite a bit mostly because of the comedic value. At times the jokes did seem a bit much especially toward the beginning, but they stopped at the right moments. So overall, The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 delivered another funny, action filled movie with satisfying character development.